Daniele Marinelli, a Roman entrepreneur with an important past as a consultant, realised the importance of personal data within a world that is now increasingly revolutionized by the network and the Internet.  Each of us, daily and performing the most trivial online activities, releases important amounts of data whilst using apps or buying goods or services. For example, what happens posting a photo on Facebook? We leave our data to obtain consent. 

The question that Daniele Marinelli asked himself is how much we get in exchange for our data: is what we earn more or less of what we lose in terms of data? Summarizing, is what I get really enough in comparison to the data left behind? Will it pay me back for my “loss”?

Hence the story of DT Coin, where DT stands for DATA. 







The DTCoin, a token that you can use as digital currency and really pays your data off

The DTCoin is a utility token whose value is based on the data collection: the more data is collected, the more the value of the DTCoin increases.

But what data are we talking about? By answering this question, we enter the heart of the great revolution promised by Daniele Marinelli.

The DTCoin is not a separate identity, but rather a cog in a much more ambitious economic system: the DTCircle. 

The DTCircle is the unique ecosystem through which data of the users’ comunity is collected. Users who join the DTCircle can access a range of services, from social communications tools to fintech solutions, buy or sell products, interact with other users and share experiences. 

Obviously, each of the actions performed by the users produces a quantity of data that add to the value of the DTCoin. In exchange for this data, the user, in addition to using the services, is rewarded in DTCoin and this is how we talk about data that can finally be monetised.

How does the DTCircle work?

The first component of the DTCircle is the messaging app Uup that Daniele Marinelli launched using the same encryption technology of bitcoin. 

Using Uup people has the certainty of keeping their privacy and users can exchange opinions and interact with each other safely.

But because Dtcoin is the token the ecosystem uses to reward people who opt for sharing the data within the ecosystem, Ubuyup was born, the place where sellers and buyers meet. Here is it possible to buy products or put them up for sale using as well DTCoin as payment method.

But Uup, DTCoin and Ubuyup are just the tip of the iceberg: fintech services, online payment solutions and, eventually, Umetaworld – DTSocialize metaverse – are an integral part of the ecosystem allowing people to get a seamless experience whilst socializing, manage their assets, shop and much more.